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Pedal On

Being social…on Pedal On

While looking for interesting information for the Pedal On blog, I came across an article about becoming a “Social Badass” and others generally about being sociable. It got me thinking about how Pedal On is a social vehicle that can be an important and fun part of helping fulfill the social needs of our riders.

The articles talked about how people need to get out of their comfort zones and make sure they interact with other people regularly. They need to strike up conversations with the people they meet on a daily basis. They need to spend free time with friends and family and initiate gatherings and invite people to social events…both personal and work related. Being social is something that requires consistency in all aspects of life, from work to school to family. Pedal On allows you to embrace these opportunities to interact with friends and co-workers, meet new people and can help you become a more consistently social person.  All you need to do is get on it and being social will happen automatically!

Not only does the design of the Pedal On party bike cause an easy social interaction amongst its riders, it becomes a traveling spectacle that …

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What is Pedal On?

Pedal On is simply…FUN!

“I just want to take this moment in thanking you both for making it possible to have the best night of our lives! You have no idea how much referrals and business we will send your way! My friend will be contacting next week to book her Bday in Feb! Thanks again xoxo” – Fort Lauderdale Pedal On Tour

If you are looking for a new and exciting way to have fun, come out and have a blast on Pedal On while:

  • doing pub crawls with friends,
  • celebrating birthdays, weddings and anniversaries,
  • entertaining customers,
  • meeting great new people while cruising around town,
  • team building happy hours with your co-workers,
  • doing Sunday Funday tours, “book club” get togethers, or any other celebration you can dream up!

Pedal On is the finest party bike made and it’s ready for your entertainment.  Pedal On is decked out with:

  • a great sound system to plug your music into
  • a mahogany and stainless steel bar
  • a cool misting system for hot days
  • two built in coolers and a keg system for beverages
  • light weight (500+ lbs less than competition) for an enjoyable ride
  • high tech engineering for the smoothest, safest ride around
  • and the best Drivers and Event Coordinators to host your party

Pedal On is available to tour various locations with up to 16 riders depending on location (10 can pedal) and is hosted by a great team of Drivers and Event Coordinators to cater to you for your fun, convenience and safety. So, bring your smiles, tunes and beverages (check your route for alcohol rules) and get ready for an awesome time on Pedal On. GET ON IT!

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