About Pedal On

“Pedal On” is a metaphor for turning the wheels of life, navigating challenging terrain, and having the fortitude to ride past one’s own boundaries on the way to transformation and unadulterated joy. This is what “Pedal On” is attempting to accomplish.

Pedal On is a safe, diverse and inclusive organization which through a multilateral approach, works with marginalized communities at a grassroot level to address their environmental, physical, mental, spiritual & financial challenges by building & enforcing resilience building programmes & initiatives.

Through our efforts, we aim to democratize well-being, envisioning a world where well-being would not be a luxury but a right which everyone could enjoy & prosper with.

By the end of 2025, we aim to touch 1 Million lives, supporting young girls, women and transgender women with our volunteers & partners to gain those powerful pedals which help them Pedal On to their highest potential, their better self.

Our Team

Archana Dutta

Thomas Haselböck

Juhi Ghosh

Shubhankar Dobhal